12 December, 2016

Travel Information

By Plane

Bilbao Airport (BIO) is a public airport located 9 km north of Bilbao, in the municipality of Loiu, in Biscay. Daily connections with Madrid and Barcelona as well as connections with other major Spanish cities as well as international connections.

Options for traveling between the airport and the city:

  • TAXI: In service up to the arrival of the last flight. Taxi fare: 30€ to/from Bilbao
  • BUS: Daily from 6:15 to 00:00 every 30 minutes. Fare: 3€ to/from Bilbao
  • CARE HIRE: there are different car-hire companies at the airport and they also have offices in Bilbao

By Train

Dailly rail services with Madrid, Barcelona and other cities in Spain

By Bus

Several links every day with Madrid (each hour) and the Spanish cities.